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Rediscovering Hidden Gems: the Brand Identity of Midtown Trove

Midtown Trove, a company dedicated to finding and reviving small forgotten treasures, sought to establish a compelling brand identity that captured the essence of their mission. They needed a long-term creative partner to collaborate with them on their branding journey and provide ongoing design support.

Our collaboration with Midtown Trove involved building a robust brand identity that resonated with their target audience and conveyed their passion for uncovering hidden gems. As their dedicated creative partner, we embarked on a comprehensive branding process to shape their visual identity and establish a strong foundation for their future endeavors.

We started by gaining a deep understanding of Midtown Trove’s values, vision, and unique offering. This knowledge formed the basis for developing a brand identity that reflected their mission and evoked a sense of intrigue and discovery.

Drawing inspiration from the treasures they unearthed, we crafted a captivating visual identity that showcased their dedication to restoring forgotten artifacts. The logo design incorporated elements that represented the essence of Midtown Trove, capturing the essence of their mission while maintaining a sense of mystery and allure.

Throughout our partnership, we provided continuous design assistance, ensuring that Midtown Trove’s visual communications consistently reflected their brand identity. From designing marketing materials to developing an engaging online presence, we worked hand in hand with Midtown Trove to bring their brand to life across various touchpoints.

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