Campaign: “Você importa” (You Matter)

Diversity campaign for Brazil




Brand Identity


Digital Design

Editorial Design

Web Design




Fostering inclusiveness and showcasing the significance of minorities in the hiring process.

We assembled a dedicated squad comprising LGBTQIAP+ individuals, black people, women, moms, dads, and disabled individuals, with the goal of raising awareness and highlighting the vital role played by minorities at Loggi. Our aim was to create a campaign that celebrated diversity and served as a welcoming entry point to it’s job page. We named it “Você importa,” which translates to “You matter” in Portuguese, embodying the commitment to inclusivity.

Through extensive research and collaboration, we developed a brand and visual identity that encapsulated the essence of the inclusive corporate culture. The adapted LGBTQAI+ flag formed the foundation of our brand identity, with customized colors representing each minority group. The campaign’s manifesto conveyed the message that being part of the Loggi family means embracing authenticity and belonging.

Following the design double-diamond process, we engaged in thorough briefing and brainstorming sessions to align the needs of multiple teams, including HR and people management. This was followed by an immersive research and discovery phase, enabling us to gain insights from the diverse members of our squad. 

With a clear vision in mind, we produced the initial version, incorporating feedback and refining specific details through subsequent brainstorming sessions. The final designs were presented to the marketing and design teams, ensuring alignment and validation of the project’s values. The campaign was then prepared for print and launch, with final validation and distribution to the entire company during global meetings.

By prioritizing inclusivity and celebrating the uniqueness of each individual, Loggi’s “Você importa” campaign aimed to create a workplace where everyone feels valued, accepted, and empowered to be their authentic selves.

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