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Empowering Fintech Branding with an Adaptable Design System

Meeting the demands of a dynamic and evolving fintech landscape, VERT Capital sought a design solution that would embody their brand’s identity while accommodating digital design requirements. VERS, an ad hoc Design System, emerged as the answer. It resides at the intersection of brand identity and digital design, providing the flexibility and scalability needed in the modern financial world. We believe in honest and user-friendly financial experiences. With VERS, we aimed to combine functionality and aesthetic appeal, crafting a visual toolbox optimized to enhance product usability and deliver a delightful user experience. The design system embodies a functional aesthetic approach, offering crisp and streamlined interactions that align with the brand’s values.

Our development process followed the design double-diamond framework:

  • Briefing and brainstorming sessions fostered collaboration between the development and design teams.
    We carefully balanced the technical requirements with the brand guidelines to ensure alignment.
  • A research and discovery phase involved the creative squad, enabling us to identify key insights and define design principles.
  • The production of the initial version marked a significant milestone.
  • Brainstorming sessions were held to refine functionalities and incorporate specificities in the second version.
  • We collaborated closely with the tech teams, aligning expectations and validating the project’s results and value.
  • Detailed adjustments were made, and the system was prepared for the online launch.
  • Finally, we presented the design system during the company’s weekly global meeting, gaining validation and support.
VERS represents a significant step in unifying the development and design efforts within VERT Capital, providing a comprehensive and adaptable design system that empowers the brand’s presence in the fintech landscape.

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