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Crafting a Memorable Welcome: VERT's Personalized Onboarding Kit


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VERT Capital recognized the importance of creating a positive and engaging onboarding experience for their new employees.

They wanted to convey a sense of belonging, appreciation, and support right from the start.

To address this challenge, we embarked on the creation of a customized welcome kit specifically designed for VERT’s new hires. Our goal was to craft a tangible representation of the company’s values and commitment to fostering a welcoming and inclusive workplace culture.

We began by immersing ourselves in VERT’s brand identity and understanding their employee experience goals. Working closely with the team, we conceptualized a welcome kit that combined practicality, thoughtfulness, and a touch of personalization.

The kit encompassed carefully selected items that aligned with VERT’s culture and values. From branded merchandise and office essentials to personalized notes of welcome and resources for professional growth, each element was chosen to create a warm and supportive environment for new employees.

The result was a personalized employee welcome kit that exceeded expectations, setting a positive tone for new hires and demonstrating it’s commitment to their team’s well-being and success.

By collaborating closely with VERT and infusing our expertise in design and employee experience, we successfully created a welcome kit that reflects the company’s values and fosters a sense of belonging from day one. The personalized employee welcome kit showcases VERT Capital’s dedication to creating a supportive and inclusive workplace environment.

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