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Reinforcing VERT's commitment to employee development and fostering a culture of achievement.

VERT recognized the need to implement an effective goal-setting framework, such as Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), to drive employee growth and align individual efforts with the company’s overarching objectives. However, they lacked a practical tool to support employees in tracking their progress and staying motivated throughout the year.

To address this challenge, we undertook the creation of a comprehensive weekly planner specifically tailored to it’s needs. Our goal was to develop a branded tool that not only facilitated goal setting but also fostered a sense of connection between the company and its employees.

The weekly planner was designed as a powerful resource to assist employees in achieving their goals and key results. It comprised 52 weeks of meticulously structured planning pages, offering ample space for goal setting, progress tracking, and reflection. To enhance engagement and reinforce the values, we incorporated a themed cover every 4 to 5 weeks, aligning with the company’s core principles and creating a visual representation of the culture and aspirations of the company. These covers provided inspiration throughout the year. By providing a structured framework and consistent support, the planner encouraged employees to set meaningful goals, track their progress, and maintain focus on their quarterly objectives.

The implementation of the planner facilitated the adoption of OKRs as a fundamental part of the company’s performance management process, enabling employees to align their individual goals with the organization’s strategic objectives. The planner became a valued resource that empowered employees to take ownership of their professional growth and contributed to a more productive and motivated workforce.

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