Seem Soap – Elevating Everyday Moments

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Seem Soap


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Seem Soap, a French soap brand, wanted to infuse art and beauty into everyday objects and create a moment of pleasure and emotion for its customers. The brand also aimed to prioritize environmental sustainability.

Through a comprehensive design thinking process, we developed a compelling brand identity for Seem Soap that aligned with its mission and values.

  • Discover and Observe: We immersed ourselves in the world of soap-making, studying consumer behaviors, market trends, and the brand’s target audience. This research helped us identify key problems and opportunities.
  • Define: Based on our observations, we defined the core questions and challenges to be addressed, such as how to create a visually appealing brand that captures the essence of art and beauty while remaining committed to sustainability.
  • Brainstorm: We conducted collaborative brainstorming sessions to generate a wide range of ideas and concepts. We encouraged open and creative thinking, exploring various design possibilities and solutions.
  • Prototype: Selecting the most promising ideas, we created prototypes to test and refine our concepts. These prototypes allowed us to visualize and evaluate different design elements, ensuring they resonated with the brand’s vision.
  • Test and Iterate: We conducted user testing and gathered feedback from a diverse group of individuals. This iterative process helped us refine our design choices, ensuring they effectively addressed the initial problems while aligning with the desires and expectations of the target audience.

By applying the design thinking process, we successfully crafted an artful and visually striking brand identity for Seem Soap. 

The minimalist approach, combined with sustainable practices, resulted in a brand that elevates everyday moments and transforms ordinary gestures into extraordinary experiences.

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